Teradek RT Wireless CTRL.3


CTRL.3 is a feature-rich, powerful 3-axis wireless controller with built-in lens mapping and data storage. Paired with any SmallHD monitor running OS3, CTRL.3 displays critical lens data as overlays directly on the monitor, allowing camera assistants to pull focus and keep eyes on the image.

In the box:

- x1 CTRL.3 Three-Axis Handcontroller
- x5 White Disc Type B [11-1459]
- x1 USB Male Type A (Full) - USB Male Type B (Micro) -3ft Cable

- x1 SmallHD Monitor Interface Cable 5pin conn to USB

- x1 Teradek Case Large - Black with RT Motion 3 motor1 x Pre
Marked focus Ring - 0.25m minimum focus

- x1 Pre-Marked focus Ring - 0.5m minimum focus
- x1 Pre-Marked focus Ring - 1m minimum focus
- x1 Pre-Marked focus Ring - 2m minimum focus
- x1 Pre-Marked focus Ring - 3m minimum focus
- x1 Pre-Marked Iris Ring - 1-32
- x1 Iris Strip Slider 0 (1-22)
- x1 Iris Strip Slider 10 (1.4-22)
- x1 Iris Strip Slider 20 (2-22)
- x1 Iris Strip Slider 30 (2.8-22)


- 3-axis wireless lens controller for Focus Iris and Zoom
- Real-time lens data overlays on SmallHD monitors
- Create lens tables and map to pre-marked rings
- 5000 ft. wireless range
- Built-in Bluetooth for use w/ iOS app - manage settings and share lens maps quickly
- Integrated rosette for custom monitor mounting bracket

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