Sachtler Flowtech 100MS - 100MM

For shoots where you need to balance quick setup, easy transport, support and stability, the Sachtler flowtech® 100 MS Carbon Fibre Tripod is a valuable addition to your gear.

The unique design gives each leg individual adjustment while releasing and locking together, meaning setting up on any surface is as easy as releasing a catch.

The ergonomic design makes the tripod light and comfortable to carry, no matter where your creativity takes you.


- Bowl Size: 100 mm
- Height With Mid Spreader: 52 cm to 155 cm
- Height Without Spreader: 26 cm to 153 cm
- Material: Carbon Fibre
- Payload: 0 kg to 30 kg
- Spreader Type: Mid-level spreader
- Transport Length: 68 cm
- Tripod Stages: 2
- Weight: 4.1 kg
- Weight Without Spreader: 3.2 kg

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