Panther S-Type

The Panther S-Type Dolly combines the advantages of different dolly concepts: the scissors-arm and the center-column.
Additionally with regard to functionality and performance - the S-Type Dolly beats both systems:

- Durable drive unit
- Arm with linear motion
- Precision gear with 4 steering modes

The S-Type Dolly is powered by an electro-mechanical drive system and is thus the world‘s first of its kind.
This has many advantages in contrast to other products which exclusively work with hydraulic such for example no dripping oil, no pumps, many movements without charging, programming and limit functions and much more.

Configuration of our S-Type:

S-Type Dolly:
- with steering rod, wireless handset + cable
- without wheels, seat and seat bracket

310289 Studio Wheels hard
310615 Studio Wheels soft

Battery: x
302577 Slide-In Battery

80mm Tube length:
311563 80mm Tube 22 cm
310781 80cm Tube 44 cm

Camera Mount:
107374 Bowl 150mm or 136909 Mitchell Plate or 177841 Mitchell Leveling Plate

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