P+S TECHNIK Skater Mini Camera Dolly


SKATER Mini P+S is a compact and precise tabletop dolly, ideal for product shots. Place the camera directly on the SKATER Mini and shoot. It allows to work with dutched camera angles. It basically takes advantage of a friction tilt head on which tracking wheels are directly attached optimized for an extremely.

In the box:

- x1 Case for SKATER Mini P+S
- x1 P+S Technik Skater Mini Camera Dolly
- x1 Laser Pointer for SKATER Mini P+S
- x1 30 ° Rocker for SKATER Mini P+S
- x1 Rotation Tables for SKATER P+S
- x1 Dovetail Plate for SKATER Mini P+S
- x4 Camera Screw 3/8

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