Optoma 4K UHD60


The Optoma UHD60 is rated at 3000 lumens. However, its Bright mode, which puts out close to 3000 lumens on our test sample, is overtly green in tint and for the most part useless for video presentation unless you don't mind a greenish picture. The remaining preset modes are not as bright but they give you much better color fidelity.

The UHD60 has a Brilliant Color feature which can be set from 1 to 10. The default setting is 10 in all modes except Reference, where it is set to 1 (off). Color saturation and contrast is affected by these settings. In Reference mode, color brightness is 100% of white.

On the other hand, in the modes where Brilliant Color defaults to its maximum of 10, color brightness is 55% of white, thus yielding a lower color saturation and brightness relative to white highlights. This can make white elements in a scene appear brighter than surrounding colored elements.

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