Ignite Digi TB50 Battery Adapters for Movi Pro non Lemo


Our TB50 Battery Adapters allow you to power Freefly MōVI Pro from two DJI TB50 intelligent batteries.

We offer two models: with Lemo Outputs and Non Lemo.

The model with Lemo Outputs not only powers the gimbal, but all your onboard high-draw accessories. The 2-Pin Lemo outputs offer unregulated 20-25.5V. This means you can avoid the underpowered MōVI TSU D-Taps and eliminate load issues.

Combine these adapters with Power Expansion Pack for the ultimate range of regulated, unregulated and hot-swappable power outputs! Ideal for the latest gen cameras like ALEXA 35.

Like all our accessories, this power solution is CNC machined from high-grade aluminium and hard anodised for life on set.


Made from:
High-grade 6061-T651 aluminium billet
Ertacetal (high performance plastic)

Weight (with lemon):
7.19oz / 204g one adapter
3.17lbs / 1.44kg two adapters + two TB50’s

Weight (non lemon):
7.01oz / 199g one adapter
3.15lbs / 1.43kg two adapters + two TB50’s

5.43 x 3.62 x 1.77” / 138 x 92 x 45mm

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