Danna Dolly Dolly/Slider System - (1.60-3.00m)


A highly portable slider system that can be quickly set up for dolly movement using either standard 1.5" scaffold tubing or tracks.

The Dana Dolly is an excellent, flexible choice when tracking camera movement is required, but time, space might not allow a larger or more complex dolly to be used. Many of our clients also find it useful to have to Dana Dolly in reserve when using a heavyweight dolly such as a Chapman PeeWee. The Dana Dolly is extremely fast to setup.

In the box:

- x1 Danna Dolly
- x1 Cup 150mm
- x1 100mm Cup
- x1 75mm Cup
- x1 Bottom adapter
- x2 Side tube supports
- x1 Central Support
- x1 Ball Head
- x1 Monitor Support
- x3 elastic washers
- x1 Large Washer
- x1 Felpo Washer
- x1 L-shaped Star Key
- x1 Washer pliers
- x1 Small level
- x1 L-shaped wrench
- x1 Large rubber washer

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