07 August 2015

This service required cameras, lights, equipment, lenses, sliders, vans, food and our team. All the equipment was very portable since it was a production "ready to shoot" - the client didn't need to come to Oporto, he told us what he wanted, how he wanted, it was just shoot and send the images.

The airline Air Transat has a blog named "Experience Transat" where we can find travel tips from their expert travellers for every Transat destination. Gail Aguiar, a Canadian expat in Portugal, took us to know her favorite places in Oporto: "Casa do Pescador", a family-owned grill house where fish is the specialty; "Mercado de Matosinhos", a traditional market featuring a variety of restaurants, fresh vegetables and plants; and "Rota do Chá", an artsy tea house offering a wide selection of teas from around the world.

This service has allowed us to give you the chance to get to know a little bit of what our great city has to offer. We invite you to come explore Oporto with us!

See the virtual tour here.